Research, the key to ideal solutions.

Since 1997, Hëegen has harnessed re- search as a means for developing posi- tive and exclusive solutions that are up- to-pace and in line with the standards and demands of modern-day refrigera- tion. Every display case is the product of teamwork, demonstrating the business expertise and synergies shared among the best professionals in the field.

Technology improving refrigeration.

Hëegen is the first company in this sector to have perfected the recipe for transpar- ency: “No-Fog technology”, a standard component to the “negative” double- paned glass in our Quadro line, is a per- manent resolution to condensation and fogging. The display cases are equipped with “sensitive touch” controls (a user- friendly jewel of technology and design) and with insulating double-paned glass in compliance with directive UNI EN 1279.

Elegance and design in every detail.

Hëegen continually strives towards excel- lence. The Family Evolution is a new philosophy developed upon our consum- ers’ wishes, and is designed to offer solu- tions that are best-suited to them: from the rounded and stylish silhouette of our Samoiedo line, to our more sophisticated Quadro Neo collection, to the fine finish and exclusive equipment features of our Quadro line. Everyone’s needs warrant their own style, and every style its own niche.

Energy Efficiency.

Our forward-thinking strategies improve performance and ensure better energy ef- ficiency. Silfer display cases have highly-ef- ficient motors that use CFC-free coolants, thus reducing their environmental impact and consuming less electricity, but with equal the performance. They are designed using predominantly recyclable materials, while respecting food-safety directives.

From December 2017 to December 2019, in collaboration with two other companies in the "cold district" of Casale Monferrato (Italy), Heegen participated in the GREEN GAS project "Project for the environmental and energy study of the best choice of refrigerant or refrigerant fluids contained in commercial refrigeration and transportation systems ". The project is part of the PIEDMONT FESR REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAM 2014/2020.

Bando: "Agevolazioni per progetti di ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale, riservate alle imprese associate ai Poli di Innovazione" Agenda Strategica di Ricerca 2016 - Linea A

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